Transforming your ideas into unique apparel designs with AI.




Here are some reasons why it's so good to use:
  1. Ease of Use: You simply describe the design you want, and the plugin generates it. No design skills required.
  2. Versatility: It can create designs for different types of apparel like T-shirts and hoodies.
  3. Personalization: It allows you to create unique designs that reflect your personal style or message.
  4. AI-Powered: It leverages advanced AI models to generate creative and visually appealing designs.
  5. Credit to Creators: If you provide your name, the plugin credits you as the creator of the design.

Compared to the standard ChatGPT, the Bohita plugin offers a more specialized service. While ChatGPT can generate text based on a variety of prompts, the Bohita plugin is specifically designed to create visual designs based on your descriptions. If you're looking to create custom apparel designs, the Bohita plugin would be a better choice because it's tailored to that specific task.

Design Generation

Benefit: The plugin uses AI models to generate a graphic based on your description. This allows you to create custom designs without needing any design skills.

Example Prompt: "A silhouette of a mountain range against a starry night sky"

Apparel Types

Benefit: The plugin supports different types of apparel, including T-shirts and hoodies. This gives you flexibility in the type of clothing you want to design.

Example Prompt: "I want  the design to be on a hoodie."

Shop Categories

Benefit: The plugin allows you to specify a shop category for men or women. This ensures that your design is tailored to the appropriate style and fit.

Example Prompt: "I want the design to be on a women T-shirt."

Creator Credit

Benefit: If you provide your name, the plugin credits you as the creator of the design. This gives you recognition for your creative input.

AI Models

Benefit: The plugin uses different AI models, including "dalle", "kim", "pam", and their background versions, to generate the design. This gives you control over the style of your design.

Example Prompt: Use dalle for this design.

Index Reading

Benefit: The plugin can read the index of designs, allowing you to browse through existing designs for inspiration or to find a design you've previously created.

Features and Prompts examples coming soon.

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