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Why it's so good to use?
  1. Instant Access to Chord Diagrams: For those learning or teaching guitar, having immediate access to chord diagrams can significantly expedite the learning process. Visual aids like these diagrams can make understanding chord structures and finger placements much more intuitive.
  2. AI-Powered Insights: The combination of Uberchord's chord recognition and ChatGPT's conversational AI capabilities means users get accurate, context-aware responses. Whether you're asking about chord structures, finger placements, or related chords, the AI provides precise answers.
  3. Versatility: From beginners to professionals, the plugin caters to a wide range of users. Whether you're just starting your guitar journey, writing a song, or teaching a class, the plugin offers valuable insights.
  4. Enhanced Music Learning: The plugin acts as a virtual guitar tutor. With its help, users can understand chord progressions, explore new chords, and get real-time feedback, making the learning process more interactive and engaging.
  5. Time-Saving: Instead of searching the web or flipping through books for chord diagrams and information, users can get instant answers right within their ChatGPT conversation.
  6. Broad Chord Library: The plugin covers a vast array of chords, ensuring that users have access to both common and rare chord diagrams and information.


If you're a musician, especially a guitarist, Uberchord's integration with ChatGPT offers a specialized experience tailored to your needs. Unlike the standard ChatGPT, the Uberchord plugin provides instant access to a vast library of chord diagrams and fretboard positions. This combination not only enhances your musical knowledge but also streamlines your learning and songwriting process, making it a more efficient and context-aware tool for your musical journey.

Instant chord diagrams

Benefit: Simplifies the learning process by visually representing chords.

Example Prompt: "Show me the diagram for the Fmaj7 chord."

Fretboard positions

Benefit: Helps users understand where to place fingers on the guitar.

Example Prompt: "Where do I place my fingers for the G chord?"

AI-powered chord recognition

Benefit: Provides accurate chord names and positions based on user input.

Example Prompt: "What chord is formed by the notes C, E, and G?"

User-friendly interface

Benefit: Easy to use, even for those new to guitar or technology.

Example Prompt: "How do I play an A minor chord?"

Wide range of chord libraries

Benefit: Covers a vast array of chords, from basic to advanced.

Example Prompt: "Show me a rare chord like G#m7b5."

Real-time chord suggestions

Benefit: Assists in songwriting and composition by suggesting relevant chords.

Example Prompt: "What chords go well with Cmaj7?"

Features and Prompts examples coming soon.

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