A game-changer in academic research & paper exploration!




Why it's so good to use?
  1. Specialized Database Access: The plugin provides direct access to the arXiv database, a repository of electronic preprints for computer science, mathematics, physics, and more. This means you can tap into a vast collection of academic papers without leaving the ChatGPT environment.
  2. Advanced Search Capabilities: With field-specific queries, boolean search assembly, and date-specific searches, you can refine your research to get the most relevant papers. This level of precision is invaluable for academic and professional research.
  3. Direct PDF Access: The plugin allows users to retrieve direct PDF links for papers, making it easier to access full-text articles for in-depth reading.
  4. Efficiency: Instead of manually navigating through databases or using multiple platforms, you can conduct research, ask questions, and get paper recommendations all in one place.


The Xpapers ChatGPT plugin surpasses the standard ChatGPT by offering specialized academic research capabilities. It allows precise searches tailored to titles, authors, and abstracts, and supports advanced boolean queries. Users can search by specific dates or directly by paper IDs, tapping into an up-to-date academic database. This makes it an indispensable tool for those seeking the latest in scientific research.

Advanced Paper Search

Benefit: Streamlined and precise search for academic papers.

Example Prompt: "Find the latest research on quantum computing advancements."

Access to PDF Links

Benefit: Direct access to full-text papers for in-depth reading.

Example Prompt: "Search for papers on AI ethics with PDF links."

Search by ID Functionality

Benefit: Quick retrieval of specific papers using unique IDs.

Example Prompt: "Search papers by ID: [list of IDs]."

Date-specific Paper Search

Benefit: Filter research based on publication dates for timely insights.

Example Prompt: "Find papers on neural networks published between January 2020 and December 2021."

Boolean Search Assembly

Benefit: Refine searches using AND, OR, ANDNOT for targeted results.

Example Prompt: "Search for papers with 'neural networks' AND 'healthcare'."

Field-specific Queries

Benefit: Narrow down searches to specific fields like title, author, abstract.

Example Prompt: "Search for papers with the title 'Deep Learning Innovations'."

Comprehensive Academic Database

Benefit: Access to a vast collection of academic papers from various fields.

Example Prompt: "Find the most recent papers in the field of bioinformatics."

Features and Prompts examples coming soon.

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