AskyourPDF Research Assistant

Utilizing advanced AI technology for extracting information from PDFs, generating accurate references, and assisting in essay writing.

  • AI Essay Writer with References: Generates essays and adds APA-style citations.
  • AI References and Citation Tool: Adds citations to existing texts using APA style.
  • Chat with PDF: Extracts and processes information from PDF documents.
  • Reference Finder API: Locates academic references for various topics.
  • PDF Document Handling: Downloads and stores PDFs in a database.
  • Zotero Integration: Manages documents and references via Zotero.
  • Knowledge Base Management: Creates and updates personalized knowledge bases.
  • Document Search and Retrieval: Searches and fetches documents based on queries.
Why Use?
  • Academic Research: Assisting in sourcing and citing scholarly articles.
  • Essay Writing: Generating essays with proper references.
  • Data Analysis: Extracting specific information from PDF documents.
  • Knowledge Management: Organizing and retrieving information from personal knowledge bases.
  • Educational Support: Providing citation tools for students and educators.
  • Content Creation: Helping writers and journalists with research and references.
  • Professional Documentation: Assisting in creating well-cited professional reports and papers.


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