Elevate Web App Prototyping with Prototyper - Innovation Made Simple!

  • HTML Generation: Crafting the structural foundation of web apps using HTML.
  • Tailwind CSS Integration: Styling web apps with Tailwind CSS for modern, responsive designs.
  • JavaScript Functionality: Adding interactive elements and client-side logic using JavaScript.
  • Live Prototype Hosting: Uploading the HTML content to a server and providing a live URL for immediate access and testing.
  • API Integration: Demonstrating how to connect with external APIs for data retrieval or other functionalities.
Why use?
  • Concept Validation: When you have a web app idea and want to quickly create a prototype to validate the concept with stakeholders or potential users.
  • Learning and Education: For students or individuals learning web development, It can demonstrate how written requirements turn into code.
  • E-commerce Solutions: To visualize how an e-commerce site might look and function before committing to a specific platform or development process.
  • Game Development: To create basic web-based game interfaces or layouts for game-related projects.


I need a portfolio website to showcase my graphic design work.
I want a simple educational game for children to learn basic math.

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