OpenAI's New GPT Store: Create Your Own AI Easily!

OpenAI's New GPT Store: Create Your Own AI Easily!

January 12, 2024
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What's New:

OpenAI just launched a cool new GPT store on January 10th! Remember, back on November 6th, they talked about making your own versions of ChatGPT(GPTs)? Well, know you can find them all in one place!

What You Can Do in the GPT Store:

Find the Right AI for You: Search for GPTs that do exactly what you need.

Make Your Own AI: You don’t need to know coding to create a GPT that's just for you.

See What's Popular: Check out the GPTs that everyone loves.

Earn Money with Your GPT: If lots of people like your GPT, you could make some cash.

What's Happening:

People have already made 3 million GPTs since OpenAI first announced this idea.

Want to know more about this cool new thing from OpenAI? Head over to OpenAI's official blog. They've got all the details there!

Check out our short video about this!

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