Airgram: Elevate Meetings with AI Transcription & Summaries

An AI-powered assistant that captures and condenses your meetings.




  • Accurate AI-driven meeting transcription
  • Intelligent meeting summaries for quick reviews
  • Multi-language support for global teams
  • Real-time transcription for live meetings
  • Easy sharing options for team collaboration

Use Cases:
  • Documenting key points from corporate meetings
  • Quick reviews of past meetings without re-watching
  • Providing written records for compliance and auditing
  • Assisting non-native speakers by providing transcriptions
  • Creating accessible content for the hearing-impaired

How we can use Airgram for meeting transcription:
  1. Begin by registering on the Airgram website and signing in.
  1. Once the meeting begins, click on the 'Record screen' option. Airgram will start capturing spoken content.
  1. After the meeting, select the 'Summarize' option. Airgram will provide a concise summary of the key points discussed.
  2. You can also upload your File and then summarize.
  3. Go through the transcription and summary. Make any necessary edits using the in-built editor.

‍Watch this video to see all steps:
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