Appicons AI - Create Custom App Icons with a few clicks

Generates custom app icons based on the description provided. With its easy-to-use interface, users can simply describe the icon they want and let the AI do the heavy lifting.





AppIcons AI helps users generate icons for applications in a matter of minutes. The user describes his application briefly and several (6) icons will be generated for the user to choose from. Some AI-powered editing features are also available within the app. This could be useful for mobile developers, software engineers, designers and freelancers.

  • Create 6 uniique app icon designs
  • Choose a design and preview with cropping
  • Refine thee design using AI-enhanced editing features
  • Upscale the app icon for optimal resolution
  • Browse through the history of generated icons.

1. Visit Appicons AI and press "Get Started Now" to create an account.

2. Choose your subscription plan

3. Start using the app!


Based on the examples shown by the app, it indeed seems to give high-quality generations. However, spending credits are irreversible and being dissatisfied because of very strict design requirements with the generated results will be a waste of money.

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