Bark: Multilingual Text-to-Audio Model

Advanced text-to-audio model that generates highly realistic speech, music, and sound effects. With multilingual support, voice cloning capabilities, and a range of creative possibilities, it revolutionizes the way audio content is generated.





Bark is a groundbreaking text-to-audio model that offers a personal touch to content creation. With its lifelike speech, multilingual support, music generation, and sound effects capabilities, Bark opens up endless creative possibilities. It caters to content creators, language enthusiasts, game developers, filmmakers, and individuals seeking realistic audio experiences. By solving the problem of generating high-quality, diverse audio content, Bark empowers users to unleash their creativity, effectively communicate, and explore new frontiers in audio generation

  • Advanced text-to-audio model
  • Multilingual speech generation
  • Support for music, background noise, and sound effects
  • Ability to generate non-speech sounds (laughter, sighs, gasps, etc.)
  • Native accent adaptation for code-switched text
  • Voice cloning with tone, pitch, emotion, and prosody preservation
  • Voice prompts for specific speakers (NARRATOR, MAN, WOMAN, etc.)
  • Access to pretrained model checkpoints for commercial use
  • Improved speed on GPUs and CPUs
  • Voice consistency enhancements
  • Voice prompt library for useful prompts
  • Community support and access to new features
  • Availability for use with low VRAM GPUs
  • Fully generative text-to-audio model for diverse audio outputs
  • MIT License for commercial use

  • You can use it directly from Space or Colab or Replicate
  • Just write in the "input Text" what you want and it will generate the voice accordingly

  • IF you're a developer and want to use it as python package you can install it as follows:

Bark stands as an innovative text-to-audio model that redefines the way we generate and experience audio content. By combining technology and creativity, Bark paves the way for immersive and engaging audio experiences, opening new possibilities for communication, entertainment, and research

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