ChatGPT Prompts Splitter: Seamless Text Division

A tool to split your long text promts into small pieces to fit into ChatGPT





ChatGPT Prompts Splitter is a tool that allows you to split long text prompts into manageable chunks, optimizing their usage with language models like ChatGPT. It caters to a wide range of professionals and individuals looking to enhance their AI-assisted communication. Whether you're a writer, developer, or customer support agent, this tool serves as a convenient solution for overcoming character limitations and improving text transmission efficiency. A fairly simple interface also allows you to copy each piece of the request with one button to paste it into the ChatGPT similar models.

  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Prompt splitting
  • Customizable length for each chunk
  • Compatibility with ChatGPT
  • Python 3.9 implementation
  1. Go to website
  2. Enter your text prompt
  1. Select the length of the pieces into which you want to split the query
  2. Click split button
  1. Copy and paste the pieces sequentially into ChatGPT like models

ChatGPT Prompts Splitter empowers users to overcome text length restrictions imposed by language models. Its intuitive web interface and customizable chunk length make the process seamless. This tool is a valuable asset for various professionals, enabling writers, developers, and customer support agents to communicate more effectively with AI models. While its benefits are clear, it's important to note that ChatGPT Prompts Splitter is primarily focused on text division and may not address all aspects of AI communication.

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