Compose AI: Unlock Your Writing Potential

Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that revolutionizes the writing process. With AI-powered autocompletion, rephrasing suggestions, and full email generation, it significantly reduces writing time. Whether you're crafting an email, writing a document, or battling writer's block, Compose AI is your go-to tool for efficient and creative writing.





Compose AI is a powerful and free Chrome extension that aims to transform the writing process with the help of advanced AI technology. By leveraging autocompletion, rephrasing suggestions, and full email generation, Compose AI significantly reduces the time and effort required for writing tasks. It empowers users to craft engaging content across various platforms, including Google Docs and Gmail, with plans to expand to more sites in the future.

With Compose AI, users can overcome writer's block and generate ideas for stories, blog posts, website copy, and research topics effortlessly. The extension offers contextually aware suggestions tailored to the specific writing style, whether it's a quick message, a formal email, or a lengthy essay. By understanding the context, Compose AI delivers intelligent recommendations that resonate with the user's intent.

One of the key features of Compose AI is its ability to autocomplete sentences, providing instant suggestions as users type. By simply pressing the Tab key, users can adopt the suggested text, saving time and enhancing the writing flow. Additionally, users can highlight specific portions of their writing and request alternative phrasings, drawing inspiration from the AI's creative suggestions.

  • AI-powered autocompletion for faster writing
  • Full email generation from short phrases
  • Rephrasing suggestions for enhanced writing
  • Learning and adapting to your writing style
  • Contextually aware suggestions tailored to different writing scenarios
  1. Go to the Compose AI website and click "Download extension":
  1. Next, go to one of the supported services (for example, Gmail), start writing a new letter and write "//" at the beginning:
  1. In the pop-up window, write a subject for the letter:
  1. Press Enter and the generated text will appear in your email:

Here is a short video guide on how it works:


In conclusion, Compose AI is a game-changer in the world of writing tools. With its AI-powered autocompletion, rephrasing suggestions, and full email generation capabilities, it revolutionizes the writing process, allowing users to save time and unlock their creative potential. By offering contextually aware suggestions, Compose AI understands the nuances of different writing scenarios, providing tailored recommendations that align with the user's specific needs.

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