Meet Edward - Your Personalized AI Assistant for Enterprise

A customizable AI assistant that uses company-specific data to provide a personalized and secure experience. Its chat-like conversation feature with voice control allows for effortless communication, and it integrates with multiple platforms and systems with multilingual support.





Edward is a highly tailored AI assistant that uses company-specific data to provide a secure and personalized experience. This tool can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries by solving their unique challenges and providing seamless customer support. Edward is an innovative tool that can streamline business operations and improve customer satisfaction. Pricing starts from $1000 monthly.

  • Personalized and Secure Communication
  • Enhanced with Company Data
  • Voice Control on Mobile
  • Integration with Multiple Platforms and Systems
  • Multilingual Support
  1. Go to website
  2. Fill out the form to contact the developers and get access to the demo
  1. Provide company data to the developer for bot customization
  2. The developer will help implement AI assistant in your business

Edward offers an exciting opportunity for businesses to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction through its ability to adapt to unique business requirements and multiple language support. The only limitation is that it requires a comprehensive set of data from the company to function optimally.

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