Essense: AI Feedback Analysis Tool for Actionable Insights

An efficient way to analyze user feedback at scale, saving time and providing actionable insights.





Essense is an AI-powered feedback analysis tool that simplifies the process of analyzing user feedback at scale. With its straightforward and intuitive interface, users can quickly assess feedback for their own products or even gain valuable insights into their competitors' offerings. By significantly reducing the time spent on feedback evaluation, Essense enables businesses to make informed decisions and take immediate action to enhance their products. With just a few simple steps of signing up, connecting data sources, selecting a time period, and analyzing the feedback, users can unlock actionable insights to improve their products and stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, Essense offers seamless collaboration by allowing team members to join and collaborate effortlessly within the platform. Whether it's understanding customers' pain points, discovering emerging needs, tracking sentiment on new launches, or uncovering insights to better connect and sell to potential customers, Essense provides the tools and integrations necessary to streamline the feedback analysis process

  • Scalable feedback analysis
  • Real-time trend spotting with AI alerts
  • Competitor feedback analysis
  • Customer sentiment tracking
  • Integration with feedback sources
  • Uncover pain points and customer needs
  • Sales call analysis for better customer connection

1. Sign up: Create your account easily

2. Connect data source: Integrate feedback data

3. Select time period: Choose timeframe

4. Analyze feedback: Gain actionable insights


The tool is suitable for product managers, customer service teams, marketing teams, business owners, and UX/UI designers. It offers an efficient way to analyze user feedback at scale, providing actionable insights and saving valuable time. With features such as scalable feedback analysis, real-time trend spotting with AI alerts, competitor feedback analysis, customer sentiment tracking, integration with feedback sources, and the ability to uncover pain points and customer needs, the tool empowers users to optimize their products and better connect with customers. However, it is important to note that the tool has limitations such as a limited free tier and reliance on user-provided feedback. Overall, the benefits include actionable insights, time-saving, customer-centric product development, and competitive analysis

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