The Revolution in AI-Powered Image Creation!

From Anime Art to Blog visuals, craft unique visuals effortlessly! Revolutionize your imagery, combine creativity & tech with AI. Use 60+ models to create standout artworks and edit with ease.




Getimg AI makes creating and editing images fast and easy. Instead of hiring experts or using different software, businesses and individuals can use this tool for quality visuals, saving both time and effort.

  • Border expansion capability.
  • Over 60 community-trained AI models.
  • Advanced image editing tools.
  • Option to add text prompts.
  • Image reference uploads.
  • Mix and match art styles.
  • Broad application: AI Art, Headshots, Anime Art, etc.
  • Background replacement.
  • Pencil drawing option.
Use case:

Meet Sarah, a small business owner of a handmade jewelry store. She recently took her business online and knows the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence. However, she faces several challenges: Online Listings, , Digital Advertisements, Social Media Posts, Blog Features.

Using Getimg AI, Sarah can:

  • Upscale her jewelry images to show fine details clearly.
  • Generate unique AI artwork for her digital ads without the need for a professional designer.
  • Use the various AI models to create fresh, engaging images for her social media posts.
  • Seamlessly integrate her uploaded jewelry images with AI-generated backgrounds or styles, producing captivating visuals for her blog.

In essence, Getting AI becomes Sarah's on-demand digital artist, helping her maintain an active online presence, attract potential customers, and save on costs and time related to image creation and editing.

1. Visit the website. Register or log in to your account.

2. Press the "Start" button. The settings of the future image will open in front of you.

3. After filling in all the fields and configuring all the parameters, click the "Generate" button.

4. In total you have 100 free attempts. 1 image = 1 attempt. This is enough to form the request correctly and generate the image that suits you.

5. Select the photo you like and click on it. You can save or share it.


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