Ghostwriter - AI Writing Tool for Content Creation

AI-powered writing tool specifically designed to assist legal professionals in their work. It simplifies the process of drafting documents, researching case law, and summarizing complex information, leading to enhanced productivity and more efficient content creation.





Ghostwriter is an AI-powered writing tool that simplifies content creation for legal professionals. By leveraging advanced AI technology, it offers drafting assistance, case law research, and information summarization, resulting in enhanced productivity and streamlined workflow.

  • Drafting documents with AI assistance
  • Researching and analyzing case law
  • Summarizing complex information
  • Streamlining workflow for legal professionals
  • Customizable content generation
  • Enhancing productivity and saving time
  1. Open Microsoft Word and find Ghostwriter AI in add-in store
  1. On the website you may choose and but edition you need
  1. Create new document and add Ghostwriter

Here you may activate your key and use the edition you bought. Or you can take the Pro Edition for a trial.

  1. Start using it. Fill the following fields:

and get the result:

Here is a short video introducing Ghostwriter:


Ghostwriter is a game-changing tool for legal professionals, providing unparalleled AI-powered assistance in content creation. With its advanced features and ability to streamline drafting, research, and summarization tasks, Ghostwriter revolutionizes the way legal professionals work, boosting productivity and efficiency in the legal industry.

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