GPT Stylist: AI Color Palette Generator for Unique Designs

An AI-powered tool that provides smart color and design suggestions based on user prompts, enhancing workflow efficiency and creating visually-appealing content effortlessly.





Elevate your creative process with an AI-powered design tool that generates unique color palettes and provides intelligent design suggestions. Seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, this tool streamlines content creation, saving you time and effort. Stay on-trend and unlock your creativity as you make confident design decisions with this trusted companion

  • AI-powered color and design suggestions
  • Prompt-based palette options
  • Up-to-date design suggestions aligned with current trends
  • Enhanced workflow efficiency
  • Flexible and adaptable design suggestions
  • Seamless integration into existing workflows
  • Time-saving content creation process

1. Sign up for the OpenAI API on their website

2. Retrieve your API Key from your User settings

3. Launch the plugin and go to the "Settings" tab

4. Paste your API Key in the designated field

5. Explore the "Idea" tab and enjoy the tool

Here is a video on some of the tools features:


GPT Stylist offers benefits such as saving time and effort in manual color and design selection, streamlining content creation with intelligent suggestions, enhancing visual appeal, and keeping up with current trends. However, it relies on user prompts and may require manual adjustments, while design suggestions are AI-based and may not always align perfectly with specific preferences

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