Harmonai: AI-Generated Audio for Music

This tool revolutionizes music production with AI-generated audio, empowering users to unleash their creativity. It's an open-source solution for musicians, producers, and researchers alike.





Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of an innovative audio production tool. This advanced solution leverages artificial intelligence to generate unique and unprecedented sounds, unlocking a realm of endless creative possibilities. With its open-source nature, the tool fosters collaboration and customization, empowering musicians, producers, and sound designers to push the boundaries of their craft. Join a vibrant community and embark on a journey of sonic exploration

  • AI-generated audio: Create unique and never-before-heard sounds
  • Open-source: Access and modify the tool's code for customization
  • Generative audio models: Generate infinite sound libraries and perform style transfer
  • Community-driven: Join conversations, share creations, and collaborate
  • Compute grants: Support for researchers and developers

Check out these instructional videos on how to use the tool


Harmonai is a powerful tool that revolutionizes music production with AI-generated audio. Musicians, audio engineers, producers, composers, sound designers, researchers, and developers can all benefit from its features. With AI-powered audio generation, users can create unique and never-before-heard sounds. The tool's open-source nature allows for customization and collaboration within the community. Harmonai also offers compute grants to support researchers and developers. While the tool provides limitless creative possibilities, its functionality relies on the quality of input audio and ongoing development for further expansion. Experience the transformative potential of Harmonai and unlock new realms of musical creativity

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