Boost Website Engagement with InteraxAI's AI Widgets

InteraxAI provides monetizable and embeddable AI widgets for websites, offering text-completion, chat-completion, and image-generation features. With customization options, plugin integrations, and payment processing capabilities, InteraxAI empowers users to engage their audience, monetize their content, and create personalized experiences.





InteraxAI is an innovative platform that offers monetizable and embeddable AI widgets for websites. With a focus on enhancing user engagement and customization, InteraxAI provides a range of powerful features such as text-completion, chat-completion, and image-generation. These widgets can be seamlessly integrated into any website, allowing users to create personalized and interactive experiences for their audience.

One of the key advantages of InteraxAI is its ease of use and customization. The platform allows users to easily embed the widgets into their websites using HTML code and offers extensive customization options. Users can tailor the behavior and appearance of the widgets to match their brand, and add new form input elements and lead generation features to maximize their website's potential.

InteraxAI also offers a configurable API, giving users control over the creativity, length, diversity, and uniqueness of the generated text. Additionally, the platform supports file uploads in various formats, enabling the generation of responses based on uploaded files such as TXT, PDF, CSV, JSON, and DOCX.

  • Embeddable AI widgets for any website
  • Customizable and configurable options
  • Text-completion, chat-completion, and image-generation widgets
  • File upload capability for generating responses
  • Plugin integration for enhanced functionality
  • Rate limiter for controlling generation frequency
  • Monetization options with payment processing through Stripe
  1. Go to the InteraxAI website and click "Get Started":
  1. Choose from the available widgets or request your own:
  1. After selecting the widget, click on the action menu to go to the editor:
  1. Use the menu on the left to edit and customize your widget:

Here is a quick guide on using InteraxAI:


In conclusion, InteraxAI is a powerful platform that provides monetizable and customizable AI widgets for websites. With features like text completion, chatbot, and image generation, users can engage their audience, monetize their content, and create personalized experiences. The platform offers seamless integration, extensive customization options, and dedicated support, making it an invaluable tool for website owners, bloggers, businesses, and content creators. With InteraxAI, users can harness the power of AI to enhance their online presence and drive greater engagement and monetization opportunities.

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