Transform Ideas into Visual Stories with Kaiber AI

A user-friendly video generation engine that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to empower artists and content creators to transform their ideas into visually-compelling, AI-generated videos. With complete camera control, aspect ratio options, and the ability to upload audio, images and video, Kaiber AI offers a flexible, versatile platform for creatives.





Kaiber AI is an innovative video generation engine that utilizes advanced AI technology to create stunning visuals based on user inputs. It is a user-friendly tool that empowers people to showcase their creativity and imagination. Kaiber AI can be useful for anyone looking to express their ideas in a unique and visually interesting way. It can help solve the problem of creating captivating videos that effectively convey a message or story. It also provides tools such as Spotify Canvas Generator for musicians and easy-to-use controls that make it simple to create immersive, engaging videos. Subscriptions start at $5/month with a 7-day trial and 30 credits for new users.

  • Generate high-quality videos
  • Use video, image or text for generation
  • Spotify Canvas Generator for musicians
  • Upscale video
  1. Go to website
  2. Register or login using Google account
  3. Choose your  plan (for free 7 days you need to choose Explorer plan)
  1. Click Create video button
  1. Upload your files
  1. Describe your vision or choose a style template
  1. Customize your settings and dimensions
  2. Click Generate button and if you have enough credits you will receive the video in ~30sec
  1. Export and share your creation
  2. You can cancel the subscription, then after the end of the trial period, auto-payment will not occur

Kaiber AI is a great tool for anyone looking to create captivating videos that effectively showcase their vision and ideas. It is easy to use and offers a range of features, including the ability to generate videos from images or text inputs, making it a versatile tool for artists and content creators. However, one limitation is the pricing, which may not be feasible for some users.

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