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A voice technology research company, developing the most compelling AI speech software for publishers and creators. Converts spoken audio into different languages.





Eleven Labs offers a powerful toolset for voice technology, including automatic dubbing, voice conversion, and speech synthesis. Their automatic dubbing tool re-voices videos in different languages while preserving the original speaker's voice, while voice conversion allows for modifying voice characteristics while maintaining naturalness. Their speech synthesis technology generates human-like speech with adjustable tone. Eleven Labs aims to revolutionize audio content creation and accessibility, providing immersive experiences and enabling content creators to reach wider audiences.

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For Speech Synthesis:
  1. Enter the desired text or script that you want to convert into speech.
  2. Choose the target language and desired voice characteristics.
  3. Adjust parameters like tone, speed, or emphasis, if available.
  4. Initiate the speech synthesis process to generate the synthesized speech.
  5. Preview and listen to the generated speech to ensure quality and naturalness.
  6. Save or download the synthesized speech for integration into your project or application.

  • Automatic Dubbing: Eleven Labs' tool enables automatic re-voicing of videos in different languages while preserving the unique characteristics of the original speaker's voice.
  • Voice Conversion: Their voice conversion technology allows for modifying voice characteristics while maintaining naturalness and the speaker's identity.
  • Speech Synthesis: Eleven Labs' speech synthesis tools generate human-like speech using AI algorithms. The technology aims to deliver non-robotic voices that closely resemble the original speaker, even when trained on limited samples.
  • Multilingual Accessibility: With their automatic dubbing tool, Eleven Labs enables content creators to make their audiovisual content accessible to a wider audience by providing localized audio tracks spoken with native-grade fluency and vocabulary.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By automating dubbing, voice conversion, and speech synthesis, Eleven Labs helps optimize the time and cost involved in producing audio content while maintaining high production value.
  • Immersive User Experience: The tools aim to create a more immersive and seamless experience for audiences, surpassing the limitations of traditional captioning methods. This enhances engagement and inclusivity across various industries such as streaming, film, podcasts, audiobooks, gaming, advertising, and real-time conversations.

Watch this tutorial for more information about this tool:


Overall, Eleven Labs' voice technology toolset offers automatic dubbing, voice conversion, and speech synthesis features to revolutionize audio content creation, accessibility, and user experiences.

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