Maket: Empowering Designers with AI for Residential Planning

Empower architects, designers, and builders with generative AI to create inspired floorplans, explore limitless design styles, and navigate zoning codes effortlessly.





Maket is an innovative design tool revolutionizing the field of residential planning with the power of generative AI. Architects, designers, builders, contractors, and developers can unleash their creative potential, effortlessly generating custom floorplans, exploring diverse design styles, and navigating complex zoning codes with ease. With a suite of AI-powered tools, Maket streamlines the design process, providing informed guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities. This all-in-one platform enables users to make confident and educated design choices, saving time and enhancing creativity. Discover the limitless possibilities and efficiency of Maket in transforming the way residential design is approached

  • Instantly generate custom residential floorplans
  • Explore diverse design styles effortlessly
  • Ask and receive informed design guidance
  • Simplify zoning code navigation
  • Obtain instant regulatory compliance answers
  • Streamline design with an all-in-one platform
  • Enhance creativity with AI-powered tools

1. Sign up on the Maket AI website

2. Start a new project

3. Give your project a name and select the tool you want to use

4. Follow the tutorial to learn and get familiar with the tools


The Maket tool empowers architects, designers, builders, contractors, and developers with generative AI for inspired floorplans, limitless design styles, effortless zoning code navigation, expert design guidance, time-saving features, and enhanced creativity. However, it may require familiarity with AI tools and may not cover extremely complex zoning regulations

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