Manifest: Boost eCommerce with AI-Powered Shopping Assistant

An AI-powered shopping assistant designed for Shopify stores. It reduces drop-offs, increases conversions, and provides personalized product recommendations to enhance the eCommerce experience for both buyers and sellers.





Manifest is the ultimate AI shopping assistant that brings a personalized touch to your eCommerce journey. It caters to online retailers and Shopify store owners, solving common challenges such as reducing drop-offs, increasing conversions, and providing tailored product recommendations. With Manifest, you can streamline the buying process, boost customer engagement, and enjoy seamless navigation. Whether you're a small business or a digital marketer, Manifest empowers you to optimize the customer experience, enhance satisfaction, and drive sales. Transform your Shopify store with Manifest and witness the power of AI in revolutionizing your eCommerce success.

  • AI-powered shopping assistant for Shopify stores
  • Customizable to match brand tonality and theme
  • Reduces customer drop-offs by 40%
  • Increases conversions by 10%
  • Recommends the most relevant products based on customer queries
  • Reduces buying time by 50%
  • AI prompts that engage visitors throughout the purchase journey
  • Answers customer questions and provides product information
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy setup and integration with a single click
  • Training on Shopify data for personalized assistance
  • Provides policy-related information about the store
  • Supports multilingual audiences
  • Can be customized through the dashboard
  • Provides accurate product recommendations based on customer needs


1. Start by booking a demo from their website to get a firsthand experience of Manifest's capabilities or get a free trial.

2. Install the Manifest app on your Shopify website. It can be easily added with a single click.

3. Access the Manifest dashboard and customize your shopping assistant to align with your brand's tonality and theme. You can also upload PDF documents to train the assistant on specific information.

4. Once the app is installed, Manifest automatically imports data from your Shopify store, including products, collections, policy pages, and articles.

5. Manifest AI is automatically trained on your store's data and is ready to engage and assist your customers.

6. With Manifest fully customized and trained, it's time to launch it on your website. Add the shopping assistant to your Shopify store with a simple integration.

Here is a video about Manifest and its features:


Manifest is a game-changer for eCommerce, offering an AI-powered shopping assistant that revolutionizes the way customers interact with Shopify stores. With its ability to reduce drop-offs, increase conversions, and provide personalized recommendations, Manifest empowers businesses to optimize the customer journey, boost sales, and foster lasting relationships. Embrace the future of eCommerce with Manifest and unlock new levels of success.

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