MetaVoice Studio - High Quality Voice Overs

MetaVoice Studio is a high quality AI voice over platform for creators, designed to help them create studio quality voice overs and customize their online identity. The app contains both paid and free subscriptions that come with different features.





MetaVoice Studio provides its users with a collection of avatars (voices) to choose from. It includes a free and a paid plan in which there are more avatars, and other advantages such as prioritization and more features. At an advanced plan, new features will be available such as priority support, voice cloning and custom quotas. The app has a collection of 42 voice avatars to choose from

  • Easy to use: change your voice within minutes
  • High-quality audio

1. Go to MetaVoice Studio and start using the app immediately or sign in by pressing "Get Started" on the top right corner

2. Sign in using Google or create an account

3. Start using the app


MetaVoice Studio is a high-quality voice changer with impressive results. However, the voice changer mostly covers only one pitch in all of the tones which makes the result feel unrealistic. However, this is still usable for voice-overs.

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