Microsoft Designer: Lightning-Fast, Stunning Designs

An AI-powered design assistant that helps create stunning designs, offers writing assistance, suggests layouts, removes backgrounds, and fills in image gaps, making design tasks effortless!





The AI Design Assistant is a powerful tool that empowers users to unleash their creativity and create stunning designs with ease. From start to finish, it offers comprehensive design assistance, providing a seamless experience. With its AI superpowers, it can generate original images and designs simply by typing what you want. It goes beyond just design, offering writing assistance and automatic layout suggestions to enhance your creations. Say goodbye to tedious background removal, as this tool can instantly remove photo backgrounds and replace them with anything you can imagine. It even has the ability to zap away imperfections, ensuring your photos are picture-perfect. With its Fill feature, you can erase any spot in a photo and let AI fill it in with a generated image, like opening a portal to your imagination. Personalization is key, and the tool allows you to maintain consistent branding across multipage projects with its Brand Kit, enabling you to apply your chosen colors and fonts effortlessly. This AI-powered tool revolutionizes the design process, making it faster, more efficient, and enabling you to create remarkable designs that captivate and inspire

  • AI-generated stunning designs
  • Writing assistance and layout suggestions
  • Background removal and replacement
  • Image spot removal with AI-generated fill
  • Consistent branding with multipage projects and Brand Kit

1. Visit the tool's website

2. Click on "Get started for free" and sign in using your Hotmail account

3. Describe the design you want to create

4. Wait briefly for your design to be generated

5. Select and download the design you like or make edits to one of them if desired

Here is a video talking about the tool:


This AI-powered design assistant offers a range of features such as stunning design generation, writing assistance, layout suggestions, background removal and replacement, and image spot removal with AI-generated fill. It enables users, including designers, content creators, social media managers, small business owners, and marketers, to create visually appealing designs effortlessly. With multipage projects and a Brand Kit for consistent branding, this tool ensures a personalized touch. While it provides numerous benefits like fast design creation and versatile image editing, it is important to note that AI-generated designs may lack a human touch and creativity, and the tool's functionality relies on the user's design skills

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