Midjourney AI: Create Stunning Text-to-Picture Art

An incredible tool that allows users to effortlessly generate stunning AI art. Explore, customize, and share high-quality images in various styles.





Midjourney AI is an innovative platform that allows users to generate stunning AI art effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface on Discord, users can create high-quality images with ease. This tool is useful for artists, designers, and anyone looking to explore their creativity without the need for drawing or painting skills. It solves the problem of generating unique and mesmerizing art forms through text-to-picture AI technology. You need to purchase a subscription to start using the service.

  • Text to Image
  • Image description
  • Image mixing
  • Image expanding
  • Text prompt shortening
  • Various styles and settings
  1. First you need to register in Discord
  2. Join the midjourney server and start a dialogue with the midjourney bot
  3. Follow the link and select a subscription plan
  4. After paying for the subscription, write the /info command to the bot in the discord. it should show the current subscription status
  5. Сonfigure the generation parameters with the /settings command
  1. Now with the help of bot commands you can start generating images
  2. To generate an image, enter the command /imagine followed by a text description (prompt)
  1. The more meaningful refinements you add to the query, the more accurate the generated image will be. Use phrases: close-up, pixar style, bright colors, detailed, etc.
  2. After each generation of 4 images, you can select and upscale the one you like using the U[x] button
  3. Generate different image variations from upscaled image with buttons Vary(Strong/Subtle)
difference between strong and subtle variations
  1. Use keywords in your prompt, for example to set the styling level --stylize
cowboy in the desert drinking orange juice --stylize 900 vs --stylize 100
  1. Add weirdness to your generations with the --weird keyword
swimming cat --weird 0 vs --weird 900
  1. Expand the image you like using the Zoom Out 2x/1.5x button or Custom Zoom to change aspect ratio and fix prompt if needed
close-up, ice man's face, detailed, translucent, bright day by the sea, sapphire eyes
raven queen, night time new york time square, mystical dark style, hyper realism, detailed, medium shot, with emerald or purple hues
  1. To expand the image in only one direction use the Pan tool with the arrow buttons
in the style of surreal and fabulous, National Geographic photo, dark purple and light yellow, forest kingdom --ar 16:9
  1. With the zoom out function you can also increase the number of variations of your character without changing it
Don Sphynx kitten cartoon, different angles, character sheet
  1. You can upload your image, get it's description using the /describe command, and generate an new images based on the description
a black panther with black eyes looking into the dark, in the style of uhd image, time-lapse photography, natural fibers, national geographic photo, candid shots of famous figures, soft-focus technique, symmetrical
  1. Merge two images with /blend command

Follow these instructions for up-to date guideline.


Midjourney AI offers a seamless experience for generating AI art, enabling users to unleash their creativity. Its high-quality, detailed images stand out among other AI tools. The platform's simplicity and active community make it accessible to users of all levels. However, the tool's limitation lies in its dependency on Discord for interaction and image generation.

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