Transform Learning with Mindsmith's AI-Powered Microlearning

An AI-powered platform that simplifies the creation of engaging micro-courses, revolutionizing the learning experience with its intuitive authoring tools and versatile sharing options.





Mindsmith is a forward-thinking platform that aims to transform the landscape of learning by harnessing the power of machine intelligence. With its specialized suite of AI-powered authoring tools, Mindsmith empowers organizations and educators to create engaging micro-courses without the need for complex prompt wizardry. It prioritizes simplicity, customizability, and rapid response, enabling users to make the most of their time and deliver tailored lessons that meet the needs of their learners.

  • Guides users in creating compelling microlessons, eliminating writer's block and enhancing the overall learning experience
  • Seamlessly share course materials through various channels, including links, SMS, or email
  • Caters to a wide range of educational needs, such as onboarding, course reviews, safety training, compliance training, and homework assignments.
  • Leverage the power of AI to simplify and enhance the instructional design process, enabling the creation of personalized and adaptive learning content
  • Collaborate efficiently with instructors, designers, and learners through a shared workspace

  1. Visit Mindsmith website and sign up

  1. Now you will go through demo about how Mindsmith works
  1. Then you can start generate with your lesson


Mindsmith empowers organizations, educators, and students to create and share engaging micro-courses effortlessly. With its AI-powered authoring tools, flexible sharing options, and emphasis on simplicity and customization, Mindsmith revolutionizes the learning experience and helps users tap into the potential of machine intelligence in education.

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