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An AI-powered code generator tool that automates software development processes. With features designed to boost productivity and code quality, simplifies the coding experience and accelerates software development workflows!





Introducing, your AI-powered coding companion. Say goodbye to tedious coding tasks and welcome effortless development. Whether you're a developer seeking to boost productivity or a team aiming to streamline software creation, is here to automate code generation, enhance code quality, and accelerate your workflow. With its AI autocomplete, prompt-driven development, and production-quality code transformations, it solves the problems of time-consuming coding, reducing errors, and improving overall code efficiency. Say hello to seamless development and unlock your coding potential with

  • AI Autocomplete: Reduce time spent on boilerplate and Stack Overflow with specialized neural networks
  • Production Quality Code: Refactor, document, and add types with one click
  • Prompt-Driven Development: Give instructions directly to the AI to modify your code
  • Test Generation (coming soon): Automatically generate unit tests with AI and metaprogramming
  • Integration: Works with VS Code, Jupyter, and GitHub for seamless integration into existing workflows
  • Lightweight: Small size and optimized performance using esbuild bundling
  • Privacy: No keystroke logging, and you choose what you share
  • Customization: Customize settings and filetypes to enhance suggestions


1. Install the extension for your preferred development environment, such as Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

2. Click through the login pop-up using options like Google or GitHub, or manually enter your API key from (we recommend using login with Google or GitHub to avoid email verification)

3. Once installed, enable the extension. If it's disabled, use the command "MutableAI: Enable" to activate it

4. Open a code file in your development environment and press "Control + Space" to invoke the AI-powered autocomplete suggestions. You can also use "Alt + ]" to get fewer suggestions or customize the trigger keys in the settings

5. Utilize the power of prompt-driven development by giving instructions directly to the AI to modify your code. Access this feature through the command palette (⌘ Command or ⌃ Control + Shift + P) and select the desired transformation instructions

Here is a video demonstrates the features of

Conclusion‍‍ is a powerful AI code generator tool that revolutionizes software development. By leveraging AI autocomplete, prompt-driven development, and production-quality code transformations, empowers developers to create high-quality code effortlessly and accelerate their workflow. With its automation capabilities and focus on enhancing productivity, is poised to reshape the future of coding and streamline the development process!

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