Pixelcut Recolor: AI-powered Photo Color Customization

An intuitive tool that allows you to effortlessly transform the colors of objects in your photos. It offers precise AI detection and customization, making it ideal for photographers, e-commerce sellers, designers, and social media managers. It solves the problem of time-consuming manual color changes by providing a quick and user-friendly solution.





Pixelcut Recolor is an AI-powered tool that allows you to instantly change the color of any object in your photos, such as clothing, accessories, or home decor. With its automatic and fast detection capabilities, Pixelcut Recolor can identify and distinguish various objects within your images with great precision. This enables you to effortlessly customize and enhance your photos by changing their color palette. The tool also makes it easy to showcase your products online by creating accurate and consistent color variations, saving you valuable time. With just a few clicks, you can upload your image, select the item you want to recolor, choose your desired color, and download the new, recolored image. Best of all, Pixelcut Recolor is free to use, making it a quick and accessible solution for anyone looking to transform the colors of their photos.

  • Object detection
  • Change object color
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Color customization
  1. Go to site
  2. Upload your photo or use the example

  1. Select an item of clothing or an object using the panel on the left
  2. Choose a color for the selected item and customize it
  1. If the desired element was not automatically selected, click on it with the mouse on the image
  2. The element will appear in the panel on the left
  3. After the color for all elements is set, save the image


Pixelcut Recolor is a powerful tool for efficiently customizing the colors of objects in photos. Its automatic AI detection and independent color adjustment features make it stand out. It streamlines the process of online product presentation and offers a user-friendly experience. A small disadvantage of this tool is that in complex objects, artefacts can be detected along the edges.

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