Rask AI: Translate & Voiceover Videos in 60+ Languages

An all-in-one localization tool for translating videos into 60+ languages with Text-to-Voice and Voice Cloning technologies.





This comprehensive localization solution empowers content creators to seamlessly translate and enhance videos in over 60 languages. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Text-to-Voice and Voice Cloning, you can easily incorporate personalized, human-like voiceovers into your content without the need for professional voice actors. The tool's advanced features also allow for multispeaker support, identifying different speakers and assigning appropriate voices accordingly. Exciting upcoming additions include Lipsync, Text-to-Speech, and Subtitles, further enriching your video localization experience. Unlock new possibilities, reach broader audiences, and optimize your content creation process with this efficient and versatile AI-powered tool.

  • Translate videos/audio into 60+ languages
  • Add human-like voiceover using Voice Cloning
  • Multispeaker support for videos with multiple speakers
  • Text-to-Voice technology for personalized content

1. Visit the tool's website and sign up for a new account

2. Upload your file or provide a link to the file you want to translate

3. Wait briefly, and then you can download the translated file or make any necessary edits

Here is a demonstration video showcasing the capabilities of the tool:


This powerful localization tool enables content creators to effortlessly translate and voiceover videos in over 60 languages. With advanced technologies like Text-to-Voice and Voice Cloning, you can add personalized human-like voiceovers without the need for hiring voice actors. The tool supports multispeaker videos, identifies speakers, and assigns appropriate voices. Coming soon are exciting features like Lipsync, Text to speech, and Subtitles. Expand your reach, engage global audiences, and enhance your content with this efficient and versatile AI solution. Benefit from time and resource savings while connecting with a diverse audience worldwide.

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