Boost Productivity: Smart Scheduling by Reclaim goes beyond just scheduling meetings. It integrates with various work management tools to become a central hub for your workday. This lets you schedule meetings, set buffers between them to avoid feeling rushed, and track your time all in one place. It even helps you establish healthy habits and identify signs of burnout to promote a better work-life balance. Overall, it aims to be an award-winning assistant that helps you take control of your workweek and optimize your time for peak productivity.





📅 Reclaim AI: Your Smart Scheduling Assistant for a More Productive Workweek

🛂 Do you ever feel like your calendar controls your life instead of the other way around?

Juggling meetings, tasks, habits, and personal time can be a constant struggle. Reclaim AI is here to save you, this intelligent scheduling assistant is designed to help you "reclaim" control of your workweek.

📡 This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, using AI to build a schedule that prioritizes your needs automatically.


✅ Auto-schedule everything:  Reclaim eliminates manual scheduling for tasks, meetings, habits, and breaks. It uses your priorities to block time, saving you the hassle and ensuring dedicated focus on what matters most

⚡️ Dynamically defend your time:  Predictive intelligence ensures your priorities stay protected as your week fills up.

👌Get flexibility back:  Set recurring "habits" for flexible activities like lunch or exercise. Reclaim schedules them around your existing commitments, keeping your day adaptable.

👨‍💻Track your progress:  Gain valuable in

sights into how you spend your time. Identify your productive periods, burnout risks, and areas for improvement.

🤝 Boost team productivity: This tool improves collaboration by easily sharing availability and scheduling meetings. Reclaim offers a more productive and well-rested team environment without any burnout.


1) Go to the main page:

2)sign in, you should be redirected to the web app:

3) Hurray! now you can manage your time with AI

Conclusion: empowers you to reclaim your time. By automating tasks and integrating with your workflow, it helps you achieve a more productive and balanced workday.

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