Scholarcy - Your Ultimate Article Summarizer Tool

AI-powered tool that swiftly analyzes research articles, reports, and documents. It breaks them down into easily digestible sections, extracts key facts and figures, and creates summary flashcards. With Scholarcy, users can save time, gain insights, and comprehend the main points of scholarly material in minutes.





Scholarcy is an AI-powered research assistant that quickly analyzes research articles, reports, and documents, providing concise summaries and key insights in just minutes. It solves the problem of information overload and saves valuable time for researchers, students, and academics. With Scholarcy, you can stay informed, make informed decisions about which articles to prioritize, and delve deeper into related research. It enhances productivity and comprehension, making it an essential tool for navigating the ever-expanding world of knowledge

  • AI-powered article summarization: Scholarcy utilizes AI algorithms to read and analyze research articles, reports, and book chapters in seconds
  • Bite-sized sections: The tool breaks down documents into easily digestible sections, allowing users to quickly assess the importance and relevance of each document to their work
  • Reduction of appraisal time: Scholarcy significantly reduces the time required for evaluating and appraising a study, reportedly by over 70%
  • Key facts and figures extraction: It extracts the essential facts, figures, and references from articles, reports, and documents
  • Summary flashcards: Scholarcy creates summary flashcards of any article, report, or document in Word or PDF format
  • Open access links: The tool provides links to open access versions of the cited sources, enabling easy access to referenced articles
  • Configurable extraction options: Users can configure Scholarcy to extract additional elements such as figures, tables, and images
  • Speed-reading assistance: Scholarcy helps users speed-read articles, follow the arguments, and extract the main points in minutes
  • Time-saving: By streamlining the research process and condensing information into concise summaries, Scholarcy saves researchers and students significant amounts of time
  • Enhanced comprehension: The tool enables users to understand and comprehend complex research papers by extracting key information
  • Improved productivity: Scholarcy boosts productivity by allowing users to quickly evaluate the importance and relevance of research papers to their work


Here is a video about Scholarcy:

Here is how to import your documents into Scholarcy and convert them into summary flashcards:

He is how Scholarcy Chrome Extension integrates with your Scholarcy Library: 


Scholarcy is a game-changing AI tool that transforms the research experience by extracting key information, offering concise summaries, and saving valuable time. It empowers researchers, students, and academics to stay informed, make informed decisions, and boost productivity, ultimately leading to new discoveries and advancements in various fields.

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