SlidesAI – AI Powered Text To Presentation Tool

AI-powered tool that revolutionizes slide creation. It eliminates the need for manual design skills and empowers users to create professional and engaging presentations in seconds. By leveraging AI technology, SlidesAI converts text into visually appealing slides, saving time and effort.





SlidesAI is an AI-powered tool that transforms the process of slide creation. With its intuitive interface, users can simply paste their text or provide a topic, and SlidesAI will generate professional and engaging slide presentations within seconds. It eliminates the need for manual formatting, saving time and effort while ensuring impressive results.

  • Automated slide creation from text input
  • Professional and engaging slide designs
  • Subtitle generation and paragraph analysis
  • Seamless integration with Google Slides
  • Summarization of slide content into digestible information
  • Language support for 100+ languages
  1. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and install SlidesAI. Or download directly in the "add-on" tab in Google Slides
  1. Go to Google Slides and create new presentation

You may go to the link to create a new one

  1. Follow Extensions -> SlidesAI -> Generate slides
  1. Fill some necessary information when starting using SlidesAI for the first time
  1. Start using the tool. Fill the required fields. Note that for better results you have to write more than 500 characters

In case you need more buy the subscription

Soon SlidesAI will add the tool to the Microsoft PowerPoint. You may request an early access.

If you have some questions you may ask them in the chat on the website

Here is short video of how Slides AI works:


SlidesAI revolutionizes slide creation by leveraging AI technology to generate professional and engaging presentations from text input. It offers a user-friendly experience, saves time, and requires no design skills. With its features like automatic subtitle generation, language support, and topic-based presentation creation, SlidesAI empowers users to create impressive slide decks effortlessly.

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