Steve AI — Create Professional Live Videos in Minutes

Steve AI is an AI-powered video creation tool that enables users to produce engaging videos from text, blogs, and audio without hassle. With its creative automation AI engine and vast avatar library, anyone can create compelling videos in no time.





This innovative tool harnesses the power of AI technology to create professional videos quickly and easily. Users can input their text, blogs, or audio files, and the AI engine intelligently selects the most relevant and engaging media assets. It offers a wide range of customizable avatars and templates for animated videos, allowing users to present content in a captivating manner. With the option to input keywords for precise asset selection and seamless collaboration for publishing, this tool is a game-changer for video creation, catering to both beginners and experts alike.

  • AI-powered creative media selection
  • Text-to-video conversion in minutes
  • Blog-to-video repurposing instantly
  • Audio-to-video transformation
  • Customizable avatars & templates
  • Keyword-based asset selection
  • Collaborative publishing options

1. Visit the Steve AI website and sign up for a new account

2. Explore the dashboard and choose an option based on your resources and needs

3. Check out this helpful tutorials to learn how to use the tool effectively

Here is a video showing the some of the features of the tool:


Steve AI revolutionizes video creation with AI efficiency, offering various assets and avatars for compelling videos. Though dependent on AI choices, it simplifies the process, benefiting both beginners and experts.

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