Suno: Your Text-to-Music Composer

Transform text into music effortlessly with AI. Compose original songs and instrumentals with deep learning technology.




  • Text-to-music composition.
  • Original song and instrumental generation.
  • Support for various music genres.
  • Deep learning technology for realistic music.
  • Quick and effortless music creation.
  • Accessibility for creatives, developers, and researchers.

Suno represents a groundbreaking solution in the realm of music composition. It addresses the common challenge of transforming text ideas into fully realized musical compositions. This AI-powered tool leverages deep learning to effortlessly generate original songs, instrumentals, and vocals from text prompts. Musicians, content creators, and artists benefit from a creative and efficient platform that streamlines the music composition process, opening doors to innovative and accessible music creation.

Use Case:

Jake, a budding songwriter, often struggled to transform his lyrical ideas into complete songs with melodies and instrumentals. He found it challenging to convey his artistic vision to musicians and lacked the resources for studio recordings.

Jake turned to Suno, which allowed his to input his song lyrics and textual ideas. Using Suno's deep learning technology, the AI system composed melodies and instrumentals tailored to his lyrics. Jake could experiment with various music genres and styles until he found the perfect match for his lyrics.

Solution with Suno:

1. Visit the Suno website. Click the "Try" button.

2. Follow the link and answer the questions.

3. Click on the item you want. We chose "Use the /chirp".

4. The chat opens. In the input field enter the command "/chirp" and send this message.

5. Automatically pops up a window like this. Enter all the data there and click "Submit".

6. After a short wait we get 2 versions of our song! We can save the variant we like.


With Suno, Jake overcame his creative barriers. He not only transformed his lyrics into complete songs but also had the freedom to explore different musical directions. This empowered his to produce high-quality demo tracks, present his ideas effectively to musicians, and eventually release his own music.

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