Revolutionize Customer Interactions with Tars' Chatbots

A conversational AI platform for businesses that helps to optimize conversion funnels, automate customer service, and improve the customer journey. With chatbots, Tars automates human-like conversations, transfers to live chat, and deploys campaigns with 1000+ integrations. The platform offers 950+ chatbot templates across 18 industries, analytics, and a dedicated success manager.





Tars is a user-friendly conversational platform that automates interactions between businesses and their customers. It provides a simple solution for optimizing conversion funnels, automating customer service interactions, and transforming the customer experience. Discover future of conversational AI with Tars Prime in under 30 seconds and in one-click. The service provides 14 days of trial

  • Conversational Automation
  • Web and WhatsUp integration
  • Conversation scripts without code
  • 950 Chatbot Templates


  1. Go to website
  2. Log in, for example, using a Google account
  3. On the My Chatbots tab, select Create New
  1. Choose the right template or create from scratch
  1. Customize chat bot scripts using Gambit blocks, you can define the type of input data accepted by the bot, create different scripts for different user choices
  1. Customize your bot design and publish it
  2. You can create a bot using Tars Prime by passing it a link to the site
  1. For further use of the bot functions after the end of the trial period, request a free demo from the service developers

More detailed instructions can be found on the official channel of this tool


The service provides a quick solution for introducing chatbots into your business. You can connect different scenarios, create bots based on information from the company's website, and also connect chatgpt if necessary. It is worth considering this solution when running an online business.

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