ThunderclapAI: AI for Viral Tweets & Smart Replies

Supercharge your Twitter game with AI-powered viral tweets, smart replies, and targeted direct messaging for enhanced engagement and social media success.





Discover ThunderclapAI, your personal social media ally for Twitter success. With AI-powered features like viral tweet generation, smart replies, and targeted direct messaging, it empowers social media managers, content creators, and small business owners alike. Say goodbye to the struggle of crafting engaging content and hello to effortless online presence. Boost engagement, save time, and connect with your target audience effortlessly. It is where AI meets Twitter to supercharge your game

  • Generate viral tweets with trending topics and hashtags
  • Craft engaging and diverse replies with various tones
  • Send targeted direct messages for personalized outreach
  • Convenient Chrome extension integration
  • Boost engagement and attract more followers
  • Save time with automated content creation
  • Stay on top of trends with AI trend analysis
  • Free plan with options for additional features
  • Positive user reviews for improved social media engagement


1. Click "try for free"

2.Then Click "Add to Chrome", it will be added as an extension to chrome.

3. Open your Twitter account, you will see the thunder icon appeared, activate it.

4. Try to write any topic, for example "Robotics", it will generate a nice tweet like this: 


ThunderclapAI is the ultimate AI-powered tool for Twitter enthusiasts. It revolutionizes social media engagement, helping users boost their online presence, save time, and connect with their audience effortlessly. Embrace ThunderclapAI to unlock the full potential of your Twitter game and take your social media strategy to new heights

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