VanHack: Instantly Verify Spoken

This AI-powered tool verifies candidates' English proficiency through a 60-second video, helping employers quickly identify top talent and make bias-free hiring decisions.





This language proficiency verification tool utilizes AI technology to assess candidates' English-speaking skills through short video recordings. Recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers can easily identify top talent and make informed decisions before conducting full interviews. The process is quick, efficient, and helps eliminate bias from the evaluation process. Save time, find qualified candidates, and build stronger teams effortlessly.

  • 99% accurate language proficiency assessment
  • Evaluate candidates before scheduling full interviews
  • Quick results in just 2 minutes
  • Invite anyone to take the language test
  • Easy setup for interview questions
  • Book interviews with one click

Go to the tool's website and register to join the waitlist.

The tool verified the English proficiency of the following video:


This AI-powered tool provides quick and bias-free English proficiency verification through 60-second videos. Recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers can efficiently identify top talent and save time on interviews. With a 99% accuracy rate, it helps build stronger teams. However, it's essential to note that the tool only assesses language proficiency and may not evaluate other job-related skills or personal qualities.

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