Free Vocal Remover Online - Create Karaoke in Seconds

Separate vocals from instrumentals in songs to create karaoke and acapella versions with a free online service. Fast and user-friendly, ideal for music enthusiasts.





Navigating the world of audio processing. The promise of extracting vocals from a song has been a long-standing challenge, but this tool simplifies the process with remarkable efficiency. The dual output of both a karaoke and acapella version is a delightful bonus. What's even more commendable is the speed of processing and the fact that such a high-end service is available for free. It's a must-try for music enthusiasts, DJs, and producers.

  • AI-Powered Vocal Separation
  • Remove vocals from a song
  • Split music into separated parts with AI-Powered algorithms
  • Changes pitch and tempo of the song by adjusting musical key and bpm sliders
  • Analyzes music and finds Key, Scale and BPM for any song
  • Free editor to trim and cut any audio file online
  • Join multiple audio tracks into one

  1. Visit the Website: Navigate to the Vocal Remover's website.

  1. Upload Your Song: Click the upload button and select the song you want to process.
  1. Choose Processing Options: If available, select the desired output format (karaoke or acapella).
  2. Wait for Processing: The tool will process the song, which typically takes around 10 seconds.
  3. Download the Tracks: Once processed, download both the karaoke and acapella versions to your device.
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