WizardCoder 34B

WizardCoder 34B: AI Programming Assistance

Streamline programming tasks, access expert guidance, and find code solutions effortlessly.




  • Stack Overflow integration
  • Code problem-solving
  • Software design insights
  • Programming concept explanations
  • Conversational interface
  • Polite and informative responses
Use cases
  • Code Troubleshooting: Developers can use the tool to quickly identify and resolve coding issues by asking questions related to error messages or unexpected behavior in their code.
  • Software Design Assistance: Software engineers can seek guidance on architectural decisions, design patterns, and best practices for building robust and scalable applications.
  • Quick Code Examples: Programmers can request code snippets for specific tasks, saving them time and effort when implementing features in their projects.
  • Learning and Skill Enhancement: Tech enthusiasts can use the tool as a learning resource to explore various programming topics and expand their knowledge base.
  • Coding Challenges: Developers can challenge themselves by asking the chatbot to solve coding problems or quizzes, helping them improve their problem-solving skills.
Let's ask the tool to write us a program in python

1. We ask the chatbot for a python program that tells us if a number is prime or not

2. The chatbot gives a clean and clear lines of code for the program we asked for and tells us how to make the code run

3. You can ask the chatbot other questions related to the code or maybe ask it to write the code in a different programing language

Here is a short video demonstrating how the tool works
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