Yippity: Convert Text or Websites into Quizzes Automatically

Transform text or websites into interactive quizzes and flashcards effortlessly with this AI-powered tool. It generates questions and answers automatically, ideal for learners, educators, and content creators.





This innovative AI-powered tool simplifies the process of transforming text or websites into interactive quizzes and flashcards. It automatically generates a series of questions and answers based on the input provided. Users can effortlessly copy and paste the generated content into their preferred flashcard application, making it an ideal resource for learners, educators, content creators, and anyone seeking an efficient way to convert information into engaging study materials.

  • Automatic quiz generation based on provided content
  • Effortless conversion of questions and answers into flashcards
  • Convenient copy and paste functionality
  • Customization options for tailored learning
  • Time-saving automated quiz creation process
  • Versatile usage for students, teachers, and content creators
  • Enhanced learning through interactive quizzes and flashcards
  • Accessible interface for easy utilization

1. Go to the tools website and create an account

2. You will be directed to a new web page where you will be asked to provide a link or a text so that the tool can convert its content into a quiz

3. After submitting the text the tool will take some time to create the quiz, and then will direct you to a web page with the quiz in it

Here is a video explaining how to use the tool


Overall, Yippity offers a convenient and time-efficient solution for converting text into interactive quizzes and flashcards, catering to the diverse needs of learners, educators, and content creators. However, it is essential to consider its limitations, particularly in terms of accuracy and interactivity, when utilizing the tool for educational or professional purposes

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