YouWhisper: YouTube to Text - AI Transcriber

An AI-powered tool for converting YouTube videos into text, providing accurate transcription and valuable insights!





Experience the power of advanced AI technology with this cutting-edge tool that seamlessly converts YouTube videos into precise and efficient text transcriptions. Unlock valuable insights and unleash the potential of YouTube content with this user-friendly solution, designed to streamline the transcription process and empower content creators, researchers, and data analysts alike. Maximize your ability to extract knowledge from videos and leverage the textual representations for enhanced analysis and understanding

  • Conversion of YouTube videos to text
  • Accurate and efficient transcription
  • Extraction of valuable insights from videos
  • AI-powered technology for enhanced accuracy
  • User-friendly interface for easy usage

1. Go to YouWhisper website

2. Enter the link of the YouTube video you want to transcribe

3. Choose the model size then press Transcribe

4. After a couple of minutes you will be presented with the text

5. If the tool doesn't work on the website, then you can:

   1) Clone the repository

   2) Download the requirements.txt file in the command line using "pip install ./[path to the file's folder]/requirements.txt"

   3) Run the script ""

   4) Open the local link that appears in the command line in your browser


The AI-powered YouWhisper tool enables efficient transcription of YouTube videos, extraction of valuable insights, and offers a user-friendly interface for seamless usage, while its limitations are not specified

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