AI Room Planner: Interior Design Ideas & Renderer

An innovative tool to provide users with hundreds of interior design ideas for their rooms. This website offers a free, unlimited rendering service that allows individuals to explore design possibilities in various styles. Users can access the Interior AI Design editor and begin exploring endless design possibilities.





AI Room Planner is a revolutionary tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate hundreds of interior design ideas for your room. Ideal for those who enjoy DIY interior design or need some inspiration, the tool is currently in beta testing and offers a free, unlimited rendering service. It is perfect for interior designers, decorators, DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and anyone interested in exploring the world of interior design.

  • Free and unlimited rendering
  • Design ideas for your room
  • Various design styles
  1. Go to website and sign in with google account
  2. Upload your photo of the room, house, garden, etc.
  3. Select the room type and style from the drop down lists
  4. Click the "Render New Idea" button
  1. Save the image or generate a new one
  2. You can also see examples of generated images at the bottom of the page

AI Room Planner is an innovative tool that takes advantage of the power of artificial intelligence to provide its users with a wealth of interior design ideas. Its ease of use and free unlimited rendering makes it perfect for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and interior designers alike. The only limitation is that it is currently in beta testing and may change in the future.

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