Alpha Inquire: AI-Powered Research Assistant

An AI-driven assistant streamlining your research process. This handy tool gathers information from the web to deliver summaries and insights about a specific domain. It empowers you to set up agents to monitor specific news sources and receive summaries keeping you updated.





Alpha Inquire is a platform that allows users to build AI-powered research agents to collect information for them. These agents can consume RSS feeds, scan news APIs, search Google and scrape any website to gather insights for the user. Essentially, Alpha Inquire allows users to automate their research.

  • AI-driven search for relevant academic and industry sources
  • Automated citation and bibliography generation
  • Real-time data analysis and visualization tools
  • Collaboration features for team research projects
  • Customizable tagging and organization system
Use Cases
  • Academic research papers and thesis work for students
  • Market analysis for business professionals
  • Literature reviews for scholars
  • Data visualization for presentations and reports
  • Collaborative projects for research teams
How to Use This Tool
  1. Create an account on the Alpha Inquire platform.

2) Define your research topic and objectives.

3) you can enter settings to add useful URL's and priorities or change order of priorities

4) click on "Run Now" button, an email should be delivered in a few minutes with the research results.


Alpha Inquire sounds like a powerful tool for staying informed and completing research tasks. If you're interested in automating your information gathering and summarizing news articles, Alpha Inquire could be a valuable asset.

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