Ando: AI Design Co-Pilot for Creatives

Empower your creative process with AI-driven design and image generation.




  • AI-powered design ideas
  • Image generation from text
  • Shape-based design suggestions
  • Icon and illustration assistance
  • Machine learning innovation
Use cases
  • Graphic Design: Generating design concepts and ideas for graphic designers.
  • Illustration: Assisting illustrators in creating artwork and visuals.
  • Content Creation: Enhancing content with AI-generated images and icons.
  • Marketing Materials: Designing promotional materials, banners, and ads.
  • Image Generation: Turning text prompts into images and illustrations.
We can use Ando to generate an image in figma:

1. Enter the prompt of the image you want to render

2. In a couple of seconds you will get your image ready to be used

Here is a video showing how the tool works:
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