Booth AI: Create Stunning Images Using Generative AI

AI-powered product photography tool that quickly generates customized visuals, boosting your brand's impact and saving time and cost.





Introducing Booth AI, your personal photographer powered by AI. With Booth AI, you can effortlessly create stunning product images that perfectly capture your brand's essence, saving you time and cost. It's a game-changer for e-commerce businesses, marketing agencies, social media influencers, and creative professionals seeking to enhance their visual presence and drive engagement. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional photography and unlock a world of possibilities with Booth AI

  • AI-generated product photography: High-quality product images tailored to your brand and vision
  • Quick and easy workflow: Upload photos, provide a prompt, and receive customized images in seconds
  • Intuitive platform: User-friendly interface for anyone to create engaging product images
  • Customized visuals: AI generates original images based on your creative vision
  • Time and cost savings: Professional-looking images without expensive equipment or photographers
  • Boost brand impact: Create stunning visuals to attract customers and drive sales
  • Versatile applications: Suitable for e-commerce, advertising, influencers, small businesses, and more
  • Consistent brand visuals: Aligns with brand guidelines for a cohesive visual identity
  • Explore creative possibilities: Experiment with styles and ideas
  • Available 24/7: Accessible anytime for reliable image generation


1. Upload reference photos of your product

2. Submit a text prompt describing your vision

3. Start receiving images in seconds

Here is a video shows how to use Booth AI to generate photos of your product:


Booth AI revolutionizes the world of product photography with its AI-powered platform. By offering quick and customized image generation, it empowers businesses and individuals to create stunning visuals that captivate their audience and boost brand impact. With Booth AI, the days of relying on professional photographers or expensive equipment are over, as it provides an accessible and cost-effective solution to elevate your visual content and unleash your creative potential.

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