Craiyon: Free AI Art Generator

Free AI image generator that turns text prompts into unique and visually captivating art, offering various styles and an upscaling option for higher resolution.





Craiyon is a free AI image generator that allows users to create stunning AI art by simply providing text prompts. It offers various styles and encourages specificity to enhance the creative process. The tool's "Upscale" option enhances image quality, and it provides suggestions for new prompts. Craiyon can be useful for artists, designers, content creators, and marketers, solving the need for unique and engaging visuals.

  • Images generation
  • Multiple styles
  • Images upscaling
  • Suggestions for new prompts
  1. Go to website
  1. Enter your text prompt, choose a style and click Generate button
field of sunflowers in dry brush and sepia style
  1. Upscale and save the image you like
  2. Look at similar existing images or buy a t-shirt with your image if you wish
  1. Use a hint from ChatGPT for next generations

Craiyon is an impressive AI tool that empowers users to create unique and visually stunning art. Its diverse style options, prompt suggestions, and upscaling feature contribute to an enriching creative experience. However, it is important to be aware of potential biases in the generated images, which are actively being addressed by ongoing analysis and documentation.

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