FreeSubtitles.AI — Transcribe & Translate Any Language

The tool provides free transcription and translation services for content in any language, enabling easy access and understanding for a wide range of users.





This powerful tool allows users to transcribe and translate content from any language, enabling accessibility and understanding for a wide range of individuals. It offers free transcription services and supports multiple languages, providing transcriptions in popular subtitle formats. Users can enjoy the convenience of auto-deletion for privacy or immediate deletion for enhanced security. Paid users also have the option of permanent storage for their files. With its features and capabilities, the tool democratizes access to transcription and translation services, making content more accessible to all.

  • Free transcription and translation services
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Transcription in popular subtitle formats (SRT, VTT, TXT)
  • Auto-deletion of media files for privacy
  • Optional immediate deletion for enhanced security
  • Permanent storage for paid users
  • Built-in media player for convenient playback

1. Visit the tool's website and upload your file

2. Wait a few minutes for the video to be processed

3. Easily make changes to the subtitles or download the final result

Here is a video for the developer of the tool showing how the tool works:


The tool provides free transcription and translation services for content in any language, making it accessible and understandable to all. It benefits content creators, language learners, researchers, translators, and many more. With features such as multiple language support, popular subtitle formats, auto-deletion for privacy, and permanent storage for paid users, it offers convenience and security. However, it may have limitations like occasional inaccuracies due to AI limitations and limited storage for free users. Overall, the tool democratizes language understanding and improves accessibility while addressing the need for free and accurate transcription services.

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