Supertranslate: Add English Subtitles Fast

Add accurate English subtitles to videos in any language using advanced AI technology.





Experience a cutting-edge tool that simplifies the process of adding English subtitles to videos in any language. Powered by advanced AI technology, this solution offers precise and automatic speech-to-text conversion. It caters to content creators, video editors, and language learners, providing support for numerous languages. The tool intelligently detects multiple languages within a video and generates accurate timecodes. Its user-friendly subtitle editor allows for easy adjustment of timecodes, enabling seamless customization. Download subtitles in popular formats or access convenient transcripts. Benefit from its robust capabilities in handling background noise, language mixing, and accents. Future updates will bring features like subtitle burn-in and team collaboration. Discover the speed and accuracy of this versatile subtitling solution today.

  • Upload videos in 100+ languages
  • Automatic language detection
  • Accurate timecode generation
  • Fluid subtitle editor
  • Split, merge, and adjust timecodes
  • Download subtitles in .srt/.vtt formats
  • Download transcripts
  • Supports longer videos (up to 120 minutes)
  • Supports mp3 audio files

1. Sign up for a new account on Supertranslate

2. Upload the file you want to translate

3. After a short wait, the translated file will be available for download or editing

Check out a video by the tool's developer demonstrating its features:


Supertranslate is the fastest way to add English subtitles to videos in any language. With its advanced AI technology powered by OpenAI's Whisper, it offers accurate and automatic speech-to-text conversion. The tool supports over 100 languages, automatically detects multiple languages within a video, and generates precise timecodes. Its fluid subtitle editor allows intuitive split, merge, and adjustment of timecodes. Users can conveniently download subtitles in .srt/.vtt formats or as transcripts. Supertranslate is suitable for content creators, video editors, filmmakers, language learners, and more. It excels in handling background noise, language mixing, and accents. While it currently lacks a subtitle burn-in option and team collaboration features, they are expected to be added soon. Experience the benefits of fast and accurate subtitling with Supertranslate.

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