AI-Powered Hints: Your Key to Software Automation

Hints is a revolutionary AI-powered virtual assistant designed to integrate with any software and automate a multitude of tasks. It provides structured updates to your productivity software, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.





Hints is a virtual assistant powered by GPT-4 AI technology, capable of assisting with a variety of tasks including answering questions, writing, translating, generating images, and conducting searches. It also has the functionality to process voice messages! Hints seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms such as Notion, Hubspot, ClickUp, Calendar, Trello, Pipedrive, Obsidian, and Jira, enabling the creation, updating, and pulling tasks.


  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with any software for versatile automation and task management
  • Structured Updates: Sends organized updates to your productivity software, saving you time and effort
  • CRM Automation: Creates and manages deals and contacts, adds notes, changes stages, and sets reminders all via chat messages
  • Task Reminders: Sets follow-up reminders and creates next steps to keep you on track
  • Issue Tracking: Automates descriptions for issue tracking forms, simplifying bug tracking processes
  • Communication Enhancement: Facilitates clear and effective communication between business and software teams
  • Free Live Integrations: Allows you to evaluate live integrations multiple times before starting a paid subscription
  • Understands audio messages


  1. Go to the following page and choose a platform to which you want to connect your assistant:
  1. We chose Telegram and here is what you'll see:
  1. Click on start:

Here's the quick demo on how Hints works:


From small businesses to large corporations, any business that relies on software for operations can benefit from Hints. It can help automate tasks, streamline workflow, and improve overall productivity.

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