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Transform your videos and images effortlessly with AI. From 4K video enhancement to watermark removal, experience top-notch media editing without any downloads.




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Educators and trainers might find the perfect video or image for their materials, but a watermark could make the content look unprofessional or distracting. If they have the rights to the content, HitPaw can help clean up these media resources for a more focused and professional-looking presentation.

How to remove watermark with HitPaw ?

Use case: I am a math teacher at school and I want to make a presentation on a new topic to make it more comfortable and interesting for children to listen to me. I found a photo of the multiplication table that fits my needs perfectly in size and quality, but it has a watermark. To keep the kids focused and not distracted, I decided to use HitPaw to remove the watermark so I could safely use the photo in my presentation!

1. Visit the HitPaw website. On the home page, click "Remove Now."

2. Upload your watermarked photo by clicking on "Choose Image".

3. Select the area you want to clean up. You can adjust the size of the marker. Click the "Remove" button.

4. Our photo is ready! You can save it only if you subscribe to HitPaw.

Our "before" and "after" :

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